Karolína Kripnerová

co-founder of the association,
member of the association's committee

is an architect and Architekti bez hranic's co-founder. She was team leader in Wayfinding system Vltavská project and currently she is mainly involved in Hranice architektury.


Debora Štysová

member of the association's committee

is an architect and theatre artist. She creates in international collectives, focusing on social issues and the meaning of space.


Vojtěch Sigmund

co-founder of the association,
member of the revision committee

is an architect and Architekti bez hranic's co-founder. He is interested in connection between architecture and social issues. Abroad, he was inspired by the involvement of architects and people in general in civic life, and he tries to share this attitude back in Czechia. 


Martin Chudíček

is focused on practical side of architecture and culture events. Outside of Architekti bez hranic, he works as an architect and urban designer.


Pavlína Suchá

member of the revision committee

is an architect and urban planner. In her diploma tesis, she dealt with the topic of excluded 
localities, which she follows up within ABH.


Jakub Zuzula

member of the revision committee, webmaster

is an architect, urban planner and photographer interested in urban development, among others in terms of social issues as well. 


Markéta Jestřábová

is a freelance architect with an interest in sustainable architecture and the creation of a barrier-free environment in all its physical and social meanings. At ABH, she helps where she is needed. 


Simona Horáková

is an architecture student. Among the topics she is interested in are: different urban and cooperative forms of housing, making Prague more accessible for cyclists and improving the teaching of architecture at universities through the collective - Don't Click and Sleep. At ABH, she works on social media content creation and collaborates on projects wherever needed.

Eleonora Haiselová

is a student of landscape architecture. In addition to working in the landscape studio, she leads a scout troop, through which she has the opportunity to influence the younger generation's relationship to the world around us. At ABH, she prepares workshops for children.

Anna Králová

is an architect and urban planner. She is exploring ways of practicing architecture that does not serve as an instrument of power and money, but brings benefit to all people and does not harm the environment.

Jan Tillinger

is a builder, architect, carpenter and photographer with a focus on development projects at home and around the world.

Other members

Anna Sigmundová
Laila Sabsabiová 
Hana Cermanová

Former members

Pavel Lejdar, Jana Mercogliano, Nora Behová, Eliška Pomyjová, Julia Niklasson, Jakub Mikuláštík, Alžběta Kováčová, Lea Martinková,  Karolína Plášková, Barbora Kubíčková 
and the others.