Socially sustainable architecture

bez hranic

Architekti bez hranic bring together young architects and designers interested in public space and architecture, with its social impact in mind. The association strives to improve the quality of public space, increase public interest in architecture-related topics, and initiate and implement projects for disadvantaged people. Architekti bez hranic are interested in those topics both theoretically (in form of publications, lectures) and practically (initiating and realizing projects - especially for disadvantaged areas and people). In 2021, the association won the Milena Jesenská Journalist Award, which is awarded by the Czech-German Fund for the Future. The documentary Architecture of Coexistence, which is created in cooperation with Artyčok.TV, was awarded. Since 2019 the association is a proud member of the Architecture Sans Frontières International

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Consultation on grant applications for non-profit organizations

In 2O19 Architekti bez hranic became member of Architecture sans frontiéres, an independent network of design not for profit organisations concerned with social justice, the cultural and environmental aspects of architecture and the conservation of the human and physical heritage aspects of the built environment.

„The surroundings we are living in, are important to us and we try to use our knowledge and skills to cultivate and co-create foundations for meaningful lives for all.“

Vojtěch Sigmund and Karolína Kripnerová, ABH founders

Ing. arch. Vojtěch Sigmund, Ph.D.

Ing. arch. Karolína Kripnerová, Ph.D.